Toyota Mirai

Hybrid vehicles have a hard time improving their powertrain specs due to limitations in plug-in hybrid models that pairs gasoline units with electric components. Toyota, being one of the leading innovators in this field, is reaching around to hydrogen fuel technology to negate this limitation in 2018 Toyota Mirai.

Toyota has already started taking orders from all around the globe, after they released this car at 2016 Tokyo Auto Show. Even though many details about this car is still unknown, customers are looking to get a taste of this car with lots of technological upgrades in the coming year.

2018 Toyota Mirai Side View Engine Details

2018 Toyota Mirai FCV is offering ground breaking powertrain technology to improve hybrid cars power output. This vehicle offers a 114 kW hydrogen fuel cell unit that provides electric power to its associated electric motor. In addition to that, a 1.6 kWh Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack is also present.

The whole setup is coupled with front-wheel drive configuration, generating a max power output of 153 HP. Additional performance specs include:

Acceleration of this car is pretty good, generating 0-60 MPH in just 9.4 seconds. Automatic CVT transmission module provides sufficient traction. This complete setup produces a combined EPA rating of 67 MPG, generating around 65 MPG in city drive and 69 MPG in highway drive.

Exterior Body Design

Of all the exterior elements in 2018 Toyota Mirai, its front fascia is undergoing the most modifications. Toyota has already announced that its front grille design will be slightly altered, to make space for a better front bumper design. In addition to that, new thin LED headlamps will be added as well.

Other potential changes to its exterior body include:

Better body curves to allow improved aerodynamic traction. Rear bumper has been slightly reduced, with new fog lamps and tail lights. Better tuned suspension with 17 inch Michelin Primary MXV4 215/35R17 tires.

As of recent reporting, there are hardly any significant changes that 2018 model will bring to its customers. Still, Toyota is looking to revamp its interior setting in order to introduce better components. Some interior changes in this new model will include:

Modified dash board design, with better instrumentation panels and central console. Upgraded navigation system, with HD satellite assists. Better infotainment module with touch screen controls and smart phone integration. Toyota’s own infotainment system with a LCD display and improved sound system. More legroom for passengers, with power seats and auto climate control. Complete leather upholstery, with optional provisions for better material upgrades.


Even though this Toyota Mirai 2018 is rather unique in its use of hydrogen fuel cell as a hybrid unit, there are some serious competitors in this category. Some of these competitors are Honda FCX Clarity and Hyundai Tucson FCEV.

Price and Availability

Official reports concerning the 2018 Toyota Mirai price has not been confirmed yet. However, experts suggest that it is going to cost around $58,000 in the US, complying with its 2017 variant. As of its release, no specific dates have been announced but Toyota has reported that this model will be offered in the US by October 2017.

Toyota Mirai
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