Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Toyota has been a consistent investor in hybrid powertrain automobile technology for the past couple of decades. Their hybrid vehicle lineup has significantly increased every year. So for their 2018 lineup, they have come up with their signature flagship model – the 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid.

This new model is set to improve Toyota’s hybrid lineup in the coming years. In addition to that, it also marks an unprecedented entry of hybrid setup into the sedan category of vehicles for Toyota. Additional design and feature changes in this new model are quite exciting to look as well.

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Engine Specs

2018 model will not carry over its 3.5-liter V6 base engine configuration. Instead, a completely new setup will be added. According to official sources, Toyota is looking to introduce the company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive configuration to this hybrid vehicle.

It consists of a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle inline 4-cylinder engine, along with an electric motor and a 6.5 Ah 204 cell Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack. This setup is completed by a 6-speed CVT gearbox. Overall performance output from this setup is:

A total max power of 296 HP, constituting around 156 HP from its engine and 140 HP from its electric motor. A total max torque of 248 lb-ft, constituting around 148 lb-ft from its engine and 100 lb-ft from its electric motor.

Available Trims

The 2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid will be available in multiple trim variants, similar to its gasoline counterpart. These trim models are: LC, XLE, XLE Plus, XLE Limited, and XLE Touring.

Fuel Economy and Performance

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is certainly looking to make a huge impression on customers when it comes to their fuel economy. Being in a competitive sedan category of vehicles, this model packs efficient and robust EPA figures for its customers.

It has a combined EPA score of 39 MPG – making around 39 MPG in city drive configuration as well as 40 MPG in highway drive. Its CVT transmission and front-wheel drive setup make fuel efficiency much better than its previous AWD models. Acceleration of this vehicle is pretty impressive as well, generating 0-60 MPH in just 7.4 seconds.

Design Changes

There is much anticipation from customers as to what design changes will this Toyota Avalon Hybrid 2018 bring. Official sources have suggested that its body style will be slightly revamped, along with certain technological additions to its interior. Some of those changes include:

Modified front grille design with reduced bumper size and wider chrome plates. 18 inches of standard alloy wheels, with higher trims offering optional 21 inches. New 8 inch touch screen module for infotainment purposes, with wireless connectivity and HD satellite navigation. Redesigned dashboard configuration, with touch buttons on central

Price and Release

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid has not entered into production, according to official sources in Toyota. Hence it is difficult to predict when it will release in the US. Experts suggest that mid-2018 is the ideal time for its release. As for its pricing, this model is likely to cost in between $34,000 for its base trim and $42,000 for its highest trim.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid
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