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By | March 13, 2018

Benefits of accessing Liteblue

  • Security settings:  Liteblue provides the provision for its employees to change the login password of there SSP for the security and protection sake.
  • Change in contact details: Any change in the residential address, contact number or mail-id can be updated in the personal information section of SSP.
  • Schedule: The Workers have the prominence to view there work schedule for one month and it doesn’t provide flexibility to make changes in the schedule if the employee requires a change in the work schedule can directly contact the HR and request for the change as soon as possible.
  • Allows accessing PostalEASE: Its a telephone enrollment system for a convenient and secure way to make allotments, saving plan transactions and more.
  • Annual Leave Exchange(ALE): Liteblue allows the workers to access annual leave exchange program. The program provides the eligible employees to exchange there one year holiday for lump sum payment.  ALE applies to the leave which could be earned the next year.
  • Payroll: SSP provides the access to earning statement, paystubs and other payment-related information. There is an option for e-payroll via which employee can obtain the e-pay statement every month automatically to there SSP.
  • Easy communication: It provides a Fast and convenient mode of communication between the employees and superiors. It serves as an ideal tool for the low hierarchy employee to communicate with the manager.
  • Know who is receiving recognition: USPS recognizes the employee who has served the best to the company and has done an outstanding contribution to there work programs. These employees are honored for there service. SSP creates a media for employees from the various department the nation to know this and motivates with for a professional growth.
  • Insurance coverage: Insurance coverage program provided by the postal service cover health and dental insurance plan. The worker can get an access to it and gather all the information regarding the insurance benefits via SSP.
  • Career opportunity: Portal helps to keep up to date with the career and job opportunities. Employee can view the new job opportunities within the organization and apply for the job position via online portal.
  • Feedback: Self-service profile (SSP) allows its employee to give feedback or suggestions to the higher authority. Which in turn helps in the better growth of the organization and helps to keep good relatonship with its workers.
  • Retirement plan: USPS provides its employee with eRetire service which is a self-service retirement application. Employees within 5years of retirement are eligible to eRetire service. SSP allows the workers to start a retirement plan online, the website provides all the rules and criteria of retirement plan.

The human resources department handles most amount of work in various benefit plans, to make the work simple LiteBlue is integrated with HR department via MyHR service. MyHR access allow the workers to the list of the area they need to know about and shows the services they are eligible for and also guide the user to get to other postal services.

LiteBlue keeps the employee updated with there service performance. It provides the prominence to track the mail orders and automatic schedule processing for mail drops and shipments.

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Benefits of Liteblue
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